Commander One is the Ideal Way to Manage Photos for Mac Users

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Organize photos on Mac

It’s no surprise that Apple is one of the most successful computer companies in the world. Their products offer users a huge range of tools that can be adapted to whatever they need. However, while they do offer great usability, there are still plenty of great alternatives out there that can let you get even more out of your Apple device. Commander One is the ideal file manager for Mac users, letting you manage files with a dual pane format that allows for quick and convenient commands. Commander One is completely written in Swift, making it easy to learn how to manage photos on Mac, and designed to provide users with all the tools they need to move files around and manage photos, both on their device and from a wide range of cloud based services. 

Using Free Commander One as a photo management and storage tool

Like many programs, Commander One is available in both free and PRO mode. While the free mode does not offer as many features as the PRO version, it still has a lot to recommend it to users. Commander One functions on a dual pane system, making it easy for you to see exactly where you are sending your files. As a photo management and storage system, it’s the best way to manage photos for Mac users. It is completely customisable, letting you set your own hotkeys so that you can carry out tasks and move between files with minimal difficulty. You can queue operations, setting up tasks to be carried out in a desired order. It also carries its own file viewer, letting you check your files and photos as you move them around. Also, Commander One features a useful zip option, that lets you compress files in order to save space and move them around more easily.

Manage photos and other files with Commander One PRO

If you want to get the absolute maximum out of Commander One to manage photos, you should invest in the Commander One PRO version. This fantastic program offers a wide range of features that you can’t enjoy on the free version, making it easy to learn how to manage photos. The most significant difference between the two programs is the fact that the PRO edition is integrated into a huge number of different cloud storage systems. This means that if you use OneDrive, Google Drive, or a number of other popular storage systems, you’ll be able to access your files directly from Commander One. This saves you the trouble of having to download files and then manage where you store them on your device. The PRO version also features a number of other tools that are not available on the free version. It can handle .RAR files, letting you extract data and carry out a complete search. It also lets you carry out a number of other compression tasks. Commander One PRO lets you mount Android and iOS devices, making it easy for you to manage files on your portable devices directly from your Mac. On top of that, it also has a process manager and FTP client for Mac. This lets you see what programs, apps and processes are underway on your Mac at any time, and pause or cancel them. This is especially useful if you find that something is slowing down your Mac, but are not sure exactly what it is.


Commander One is the ideal way to manage photos and other files on your Mac. It has been designed specifically with Mac users in mind, and offers a huge range of different tools that make tasks as easy as possible. The dual pane format is the perfect way to see where your files are going. And the PRO version offers compatibility with a huge range of different online cloud storage systems. While the free version certainly gives you a lot of useful options, we have to say that you really need to invest in the PRO version if you want to get the best way to manage photos. Not only is it handy in terms of online storage systems, it also gives you access to a number of different compression and management tools that make file organisation as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people these days have a huge library of different pictures, often taken with a mobile phone, and don’t always know how to manage photos on Mac. It’s not always easy managing this massive amount of pictures, but Commander One has been designed to make it as simple as possible. This fantastic program uses a dual pane format to allow you to see exactly what you’re doing with your files. The PRO version lets you mount devices, meaning that you can connect to your phone or digital camera and directly move files around with complete ease.
Apple features its own file management system known as Finder, that lets you look for files and move them around. However, a program like Commander One offers far more tools that you can use to ensure your photos end up exactly where they should be. The dual pane is ideal for managing photos on your Mac, and with the PRO edition, you can mount your portable devices and manage photos directly on them, from the convenience of your Mac.
If you have a large volume of photos, you will probably find that the best way to organise them is by year. Another easy way of organising photos is by the place where they were taken. Whatever you choose, Commander One is a simple and effective way of organising your photos.
We highly recommend Commander One as the most effective app for organising photos. You can gain access to most basic functions just by downloading the free version. And by investing in the PRO version, you can gain access to a whole range of useful tools and features.