Access Your Online Photo Storage From Any App Instantly

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Whether they’re personal or professional, it pays to back up your photographs and images with one or more online photo backup services. That’s not just so that you have a backup available in the event of hardware or device failure, but also to enable easy access to your photo collection no matter which of your devices you're working from.

That’s where storing your photos in the cloud comes in, but there can be a catch: trying to juggle your image collection between different devices and storage services when storing photos online can be a hassle, especially in a situation where you want to quickly open an image in an editing app on the go. Fortunately, CloudMounter provides a comprehensive solution in an all-in-one package that lets you access the full spectrum of your online photo libraries with complete ease.

Mount Your Online Photo Storage From Any Source with CloudMounter

CloudMounter is an innovative solution to the problem of accessing different online photo backup libraries on your Mac device, and makes it easier than ever to get the best experience out of storing photos online. Simply put, it mounts cloud storage services as if they were local drives, letting you access your entire online photo storage database through Finder.

This allows you, for example, to quickly and easily pull up images in your preferred photo editing application, without having to first go through the proprietary interfaces for each cloud storage drive individually to download the image to your device from where you would then open the image in an editing program, giving users the best online photo storage experience possible.

When moving between multiple sets of images across different libraries, it pays to be able to access them without having to jump around between different menus and services when you can simply surf through all your cloud storage for pictures at once through Finder. Using CloudMounter is as simple as adding each cloud storage solution as a drive in the app and entering your login details to then enjoy full access as you would with any local storage drive connected to your device. Crucially, CloudMounter doesn’t require local synchronization like a native storage client would, and therefore saves users on hard drive space since the files are only downloaded when opened by the user.

Access Cloud Picture Storage in Adobe Photoshop and Other Editing Applications

Since CloudMounter integrates seamlessly with Finder, it’s easy to open an image in an application like Photoshop to edit on the fly and then save back to the library of origin in Finder with a couple of clicks without having to repeatedly navigate menus through your various different storage services. This might not sound like much, but for users juggling many different storage solutions it pays to have all your online photo storage accessible in one easy-to-use Finder interface.

Furthermore, using CloudMounter means that once you’ve synchronised your cloud drives with the program you can delete their individual applications from your device, saving valuable computing capacity and giving you a speedier user experience overall. Since having different cloud picture storage services running at the same time can take up a lot of processing power, such a consideration is a must for anyone who works with image files a lot.

Another big time-saving feature of CloudMounter is that the application can mount different accounts from the same service simultaneously meaning no more time wasted on logging in and out of different user profiles just to access different storage for photos belonging to the same user.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a multitude of cloud storage providers that can sync with CloudMounter. Users may find a particular storage service more to their personal preference, but Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Onedrive and Backblaze B2 are all strong contenders offering fast and reliable cloud storage solutions with excellent security ratings.
Any of the previously mentioned services offer free storage for your image collection. However, the amount of space available differs between providers, and some services may charge a subscription to store data above a certain allowance. Even so, for the average user the amount of data offered for free cloud storage of photos should prove more than sufficient, especially with lower resolution images.
Any service provider that placed a time limit on cloud storage for photos would probably not prove very popular with the average user. Therefore the vast majority of cloud services don’t put an expiration date on the amount of time you can keep an image and will let you retain them forever. However, bear in mind that if you have a service where you pay for online storage you may be blocked from accessing your files should your subscription payments lapse, although for the average user this is not a huge concern.
All of the aforementioned services are reputable and provide a safe and secure option to keep your photo collection out of harm’s way. That said, if you do feel the need for an additional layer of security, CloudMounter lets you encrypt your photo files online at no extra cost.